Storming into an unsuspecting world in December, 2019 and January, 2020, this Novel Coronavirus has become a Global Pandemic in “COVID-19”, with more than 650,000 people dead from COVID-19 and now over 16,000,000 cases worldwide, to date.[1]  Although close to 9,000,000 people are said to have “recovered from COVID-19”,[2] this description does not always mean clear or comfortable days ahead as significant damage and impairments can occur and linger-on.[3]


Nations have taken many different approaches to battle COVID-19, and some have had more success than others.  In fact, many of my initial suggestions for national and sub-national measures have thankfully become routine, like travel restrictions and temperature checks.[4]


However, with national governments starting to face pushback over the staggering levels of COVID-19 spending,[5] subnational governments pleading for fiscal stimulus,[6] the Global Pandemic still very much in our faces,[7] and limited options to make a living for those stuck at home, even after considering many disparate or improbable combinations,[8] it is time for something new.




Whether or not you agree, the COVID-19 is running-off in a way that is so rampant and out of control in many parts of the United States, that over 150 medical professionals called for a total and hard shutdown to stop its spread,[9] in an Open Letter that was publicized on July 24, 2020.[10]


I feel it is now glaringly obvious that the United States of America will absolutely find itself in a ditch, if the following 11-point program of a direct, unified, multi-focal attack on the COVID-19 Pandemic across the nation, is not immediately adopted.  Only with this can the nation “MIS-am-DITCH”, as anything less than this exact approach, risks precisely that calamity.  These steps are:


M-asks: their usage must be uniform, obeyed, assisted, and rigorously enforced, with constant and consistent reminders to the public in general and especially vulnerable communities and population segments in particular, encouraging (and demonstrating) proper usage.

I-solation: quarantine rules once cases are suspected or discovered, must also be uniform, obeyed, assisted, and rigorously enforced; and these may soon extend significantly beyond 15 days as the virus strengthens and mutates after being left to run rampant in the misguided hope of finding and enhancing some herd immunity.  Sadly, and at this point, that isolation may also and of necessity, include a nationwide shutdown with a Stay-at-Home order that must also be uniform, obeyed, assisted and rigorously enforced, this time around.

S-creening: all people entering indoor public spaces must be pre-screened for COVID-19 indicators through active surveillance.

A-lliances of Aptitudes: these 6 (“six”) interested stakeholder groups, must work and coordinate their work, in concert, being – Operators (medical) delivering care and treatments on the front lines; Leadership at the municipal, state, and national levels; Originators of personal protective equipment (PPE); Scientists who are both assisting with epidemiological investigations and searching for an effective vaccine; Laboratories that are both creating and processing tests; and, the Owners and purveyors of those critical enablers of food, academics, shelter, and technology (all being the “OLOSLO” collective).

M-oney: there should definitely and also be money to assist people who are out of work, out of unemployment and medical insurance, and in many cases also out of food, judging by the lines that have been seen at the nation’s outdoor food bank pickup and drive-through pantry locations.[11]  To deprive Citizens of a critical fiscal lifeline in order to cajole or even “force” them back to work, while COVID-19 cases and deaths are rising so precipitously nationwide, is not only unwise, but also dangerous and on multiple levels.

D-istancing: there should be clear rules, visible marking and warnings, and easy compliance on physical (social) distancing to hinder the further spread of COVID-19.

I-4: these are information, inclusion, and influence initiatives to make and move effective messages to the public regarding COVID-19, its progression, and the fight against it.

T-esting and Treatment: testing should be available and have results that are timely and therefore useful, and treatment should be available at massively surged, well- and professionally-staffed (into several shifts), and fully stocked and equipped facilities.

C-ontact tracing: this should be responsive, omni-available, accurate, robust, and sustained.

H-ygiene: there must be constant and consistent reminders to the public in general and especially vulnerable communities and population segments in particular, encouraging (and demonstrating) the proper use of gloves, hand sanitizer, and the washing of hands.



Web meetings are now widely-available, as have long been the email, fax, text, and phonecalls, all curtailing the need for much business and social travel despite travel and aviation industry losses.  “Safe Travel Lists” for persons entering or leaving any nation, or any closely-knit collective of nations that has controlled or seeks to control its COVID-19 rates, should also be discouraged.[12]  The alternative risks creating a global Whack-a-Mole mess that may well never, EVER, end.


Speaking at the United States Capitol with Representative Nancy Pelosi on Thursday, July 23, 2020, Senator Charles (Chuck) Schumer described the COVID-19 response of the Trump administration as being severely wanting, stating that “[e]ven after all this time, it appears the Republican legislative response to COVID is on unified, un-serious, unsatisfactory[13]  Senator Schumer also blamed much of the resulting illness, death, and health and economic hardship on a conclusion that “this administration has a no direction, no plan, no straight line of attack.”[14]  Be that as it may, I would say that the national response has also been “un-unified, un-serious and un-satisfactory”, and on this point, at least, there can and should be, no argument.  Hence, in order to avoid being stuck in a ditch with new daily COVID-19 cases of 50,000 or even 100,000 and more piling-in on top, which would add and include a daily death rate of 1,000 or even up to 5,000 and more, something definitely has to change, and REALLY fast, as that result is a ditch that any nation would be very hard pressed to escape, as new cases and deaths “super-cumulate.” If it would be such a hard task to get out of that ditch with no guarantee of ultimate success, then the most advisable course of action is to miss it, and not let oneself get into it, in the first place.


With the Executive branch fixated on conspiracies and Hydroxychloroquine,[15] and the Congress tied in a gordian partisan knot,[16] – which as I had said several months ago in early March, 2020, would hinder ANY effective, national-level, unified response to the COVID-19 Pandemic in the United States,[17] the Governors need to completely wrest this COVID-19 battle out of federal hands.  Awaiting an election to (hopefully) change federal power and policies, risks waiting until COVID-19 deaths in the United States reach and surpass 250,000.  There is no guarantee that uniform and credible elections will even take place, or that the end result will be widely accepted if they do.  Similarly, judging by rapidly rising outside and in-person temperatures and casualties, and ever more brazen displays of ire, angst, and cabin fever, law and order is likely to break down long before that perilous mortality count is reached.  The danger that the United States could devolve into a nuclear failed state with its people balkanized into 5-8 largely autonomous regions, each in different configurations of law or disorder, all with their residents equally barred from travel to better governed jurisdictions, and with each region sharing ultimately similar COVID-19 incidence rates, is a clear and present one, and gains a stronger probability ratio by the day.



Hopefully ……….. someone with authority, somewhere in the nation, is paying close attention.



Good luck; Stay safe; Get serious !





Ekundayo George is a lawyer and sociologist.  A keen student of organizational and micro-organizational behaviour, he has gained significant experience in programs, policy, regulatory compliance, litigation, and business law and counseling.  He has been licensed to practise law in the provinces of Ontario and Alberta, in Canada, as well as in the states of New York and New Jersey, and Washington, D.C., in the United States of America.  See, for example:  He has studied and worked as an Industrial Safety Officer for the Energy industry (oil, gas, and petrochemical plants), he is a published author on the national security aspects of Environmental Law, he has represented clients in state and federal courts across several jurisdictions and before a number of regulatory bodies in both Canada and the United States, and he enjoys complex systems analysis in legal, policy, technological, and societal millieux.

A writer, blogger, and avid reader, Mr. George has sector experience in Technology (Telecommunications, eCommerce, Outsourcing, Cloud), Financial Services, Energy, Healthcare, Entertainment, Real Estate and Zoning, International/cross-border trade, other services, and Environmental Law and Policy; working with equal ease and effectiveness in his transitions to and from the public and private sectors.

Trained in Legal Project Management (and having organized and managed several complex projects before practicing law), Mr. George is also an experienced negotiator, facilitator, team leader, and strategic consultant – sourcing, managing, and delivering on complex engagements with multiple stakeholders and multidisciplinary teams.  Team consulting competencies include program investigation, sub-contracted procurement of personnel and materials, and such diverse project deliverables as business process re-engineering, devising and delivering tailored training, crisis consulting, and targeted engagements through tapping a highly-credentialed resource pool of contract professionals with several hundred years of combined expertise, in: healthcare; education and training; law and regulation; policy and plans; statistics, economics, and evaluations including feasibility studies and business cases; infrastructure; and information technology/information systems (IT/IS) – also sometimes termed information communications technologies (ICT).  See, for example:

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