Additional blogs on the basic core functions of building, growing, and running a successful business, instilling best practices, and navigating crises, can be found here:


For now, however, let’s get back to the basics and cover some core, general business guidance on effective lead and opportunity marketing –

5 Steps of the Business Startup: a Roadmap.  

Getting Funded at your Business Stage – Pitch Perfect?  

Social Media Policies: Why have them, and what should they cover? 

The 3 “Cs” of Today’s Ideal Employee – Committed, Conscientious and Connected. 


Efficient Project Management: There is an “I” in Team.

Achieving Business Longevity – Going Beyond the ABC’s.  

7 Enduring e-Commerce Checkpoints: A Winning Formula?!

The “C–Suite” in 2013 and beyond (10/4): who should really be there? 


Cybersecurity: Its not just about “B” for Bob, but also eCommerce, Structure, and Trust. 

Cloud Contracts – What About Getting Yourself (and your data) out in a Hurry? 

Corporate Crisis Management 101 – The A, B, Cs of Lessons Learned.  






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