Ekundayo George is an accomplished Lawyer, Sociologist, and Policy and Strategic Consultant.   He is a published author in Environmental Law and Policy and an avid blogger on broad and diverse subjects; he is licensed to practice law in Ontario and Alberta, Canada, as well as multiple states of the United States of America (NY, NJ, D.C.); and he has over two decades of solid legal and consulting experience with a consistent record of demonstrated and tangible results and predicted outcomes in law and policy across several economic sectors.



Law Practise.

Corporate, Business, and Not-for-Profit Law;

Alternate Dispute Resolution;

Regulatory, Administrative, and International law;

Governance, Risk, and Compliance advising;

Ongoing Legal Counsel and other areas.


To learn more about, or to contact Mr. George, please see here:





Synchronizing multinational legal training and experience; a diverse roster of professionals on call; contacts in multiple fields and jurisdictions; and a passion for tackling very tricky issues with shifting and overlapping priorities on very tight and mobile deadlines, our sister company – “s’imprime-ça” (“Strategic IMPRIME Consulting & Advisory, Inc.”) – also offers the following services:


♦Media effectiveness, audit, and tracking.

♦Procurement, Projects, Public relations, and brand management.

♦Regulatory and government affairs, governance, and shareholder and analyst communications.

♦Issues counseling.

♦Management consulting.

♦Effective lead and opportunity marketing.

To learn more about, or to contact Strategic “IMPRIME” Consulting & Advisory, Inc. (S’imprime-ça), please see here:

https://www.simprime-ca.com or https://www.simprime-ca.ca



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