The Novel Coronavirus which originated in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China in late 2019, has become a growing global concern.  As such, there are many potential and many proven measures that nations and sub-national units can leverage in an effort to address it.  One such far-ranging and quick sketch of a scheme, that I laid-out before the first and partial Italian lockdown of Saturday, March 7, 2020,[1] is what I would call the “TRIPLE TAP-OUT (TTO)“:



*Declare a national and international health emergency for thrice renewable 250-day periods on the sole authority of the head of government, before re-assessment and any renewal for the same period with or without some wider government input.



*All vacations and leaves canceled.

*All principals and spouses and custodial issue restricted to barracks.

*30 days quarantine, 30 days operational, 30 days recovery on the Triple Tap Out.

*Establish treatment, quarantine, and testing locations and prepare for mass casualties and the safe categorization, handling, and disposal of large amounts of hazardous waste.

*Impress medical and nursing students and cadets into service; have 3 shadows (1 x junior, 2 x students or cadets) to a senior practitioner; 2 shadows (1 x junior, 1 x student or cadet) to a mid-level practitioner, for ease of replacement and continuity of care in case of necessity.

*Consider calling medical and nursing professionals out of retirement, and retraining or re-certification in order to bring them back fully online.

*Secure and store “much more than sufficient” supplies of unexpired safety gear (personal protective equipment), testing and diagnostic kits, and contact-less thermometers.



Again with Triple Tap-Out (TTO), and on that 30-day operational rotation:

*2 alternating shifts of 8 hours across 1 or 2 physical locations; a third crossover/surge and backup group in a separate location for 2 x 12 hour shifts.

*This ensures continuity of service and government (have 2 x VP, or 2 x Deputy PM in national government as appropriate).  All 3 leadership centres would have to be rendered ineffective at the same time or within the same span of time, for the system to collapse on this Triple Tap-Out.  A set line of succession is already enshrined in the United States, but many other nations have only 1 Deputy PM or VP.  Again, after a very contentious impeachment exercise, some U.S. Republicans may, in an electoral season, balk at the Democratic House Speaker potentially leading the nation under “their” watch and term.  Partisanship may continue to hinder a full and effective emergency response.



*Establish the required or permissible lower levels of critical and essential services, and appropriate staffing rates.

*Have staff camped out and segregated (no travel to and from home), with a flat pay rate of 1.5 x regular time, for TTO rotations within each of the 250-day periods.



*Mandate a 30 day quarantine for all permitted arrivals (which should slow inflows), being disclosed well in advance to be a managed quarantine in designated locations and not a self-quarantine; with related other disclaimers.

*All arriving + departing mass transit and cruise carriers should be mandated to have and show comprehensive and scientifically and demonstrably effective cleaning and disinfecting, or else they will neither embark nor debark passengers in that jurisdiction.

*initiate Six Sick Testing (SST), such that mass transit and cruise carrier crews and passengers must be tested:

(i) before original home port departure,

(ii) in flight/en route incoming,

(iii) before debarking here,

(iv) before re-embarking back,

(v) in flight/en route outgoing, and finally,

(vi) before debarking there at a final destination – that works for a round trip, and can also apply to connecting flights within the subject jurisdiction.

*Consider monitoring or limiting cross-nation travel; expediting trucking, barge/internal waterway, and rail transport, and guarding supply lines.

*Do not neglect the homeless and indigent.

*Do not neglect remote and isolated communities.

*Do not neglect prisons, nursing homes and buildings with senior concentrations.

*Do not neglect convalescent, rehabilitation, or recovery homes and units.



*Mandate that “ALL” installment payments within the jurisdiction be cut to 50% for 6 month renewable periods during the emergency, without any loss of assets or breach of contract.

*Mandate into force up to 30 days of sick leave (paid at 50%, free of tax + payroll tax), in every 6 month period during the declared emergency, for every employee in the jurisdiction.

*Mandate into force some guarantee or limit on direct patient costs regarding diagnostic testing and treatment in those jurisdictions lacking universal health coverage or the like.

*Mandate into force that all public + private sector payrolls within jurisdiction and for renewable periods of 6 months, be reduced to 50%, free of tax and payroll deductions, adding 7.5% (tax and deductions free) if having and for children, and adding another 7.5% (tax and deductions free) if and for major medical needs, as to be defined (assisted living, mobility aids, special diets, in home care, convalescing from recent surgery, current or recent child birth or maternity leave, and so forth).

*Consider permitting people to leave work on furlough for thrice renewable periods of 90 days, in which they:

(i) work as an activated reserve of civilian, military, or civil defence staff under applicable terms of service;

(ii) work in a volunteer capacity to care for family and friends sickened and otherwise during the emergency; or

(iii) work in a regular employment capacity as additional staff,- such that the entire 90-day furlough can cover a 30-day quarantine into the furlough, the 30 days of work, and a 30 day quarantine back out to the general population.

*Ensure that regular jobs, seniority levels, pensions and benefits of these people are fully protected and available for them at the conclusion of their service in the emergency, as applicable.



*Mandate that “ALL” Insurance premiums within the jurisdiction be cut to 50% for 6 month periods renewable during the emergency, without any loss of coverage or breach of contract.

*Mandate into force, including by unilateral force majeure invocation by and on behalf of parties, all selected business interruption provisions (including but not limited to voiding the standard exclusions for war, pandemic, force majeure, and Acts of God), as well as with blue penciling for coverage, duration, and limitations; necessitating consultation with insurers, on:

(1) extension to their non-selecting insureds,

(2) future available and mandatory coverage options and limits, and

(3) current government fiscal support of the industry, or future government fiscal concessions to the industry, or both – with teleconferences advised for any and all such meetings.

*Insurer cash on hand and near-cash reserves may need to be significantly drawn down, with liquidation of near cash equivalents in order to provide the requisite funds and avoid depressing markets with sudden and substantial asset sales, and attempted substantial asset sales where there are no takers.



*Suspend all schools and colleges of all levels, all religious gatherings outside families and residential groupings, all mass events like weddings and funerals and conferences, and theatres, and the like.

*Education at all levels should be encouraged to continue where distance learning is both an option, and accessible.

*Restaurants can remain open – take your own drinkware + silverware (paper napkins supplied); fast foods for takeout and pickup only, and delivery where available with no eating in.

*Mandatory 6-point testing and/or temperature checks for all food and public facing workers, as well as all workers not operating from home in a telework capacity, who remain in large or high-occupancy buildings, both public and private:

(i) On waking – called in by the subject;

(ii) On reporting to work;

(iii) At the end of lunch and on returning to work;

(iv) Before leaving the workplace for the day; and

(v) Before sleeping – called in by the subject.

*A sixth spot test and/or temperature check should also be made at a moving random daily time, as well as when any co-worker is reported to have tested positive, or is denied entry or denied any continued work or return to work, due to showing listed symptoms or having a fever.

*Workplaces should also consider their notification and communication plans, cross trained employees, remote work – whether from home or a third contingency plan location, or from both of these as co-branded mutual redundancies.

*Officially encourage all households to stock enough food, water, medication, sanitary and cleaning supplies, garbage bags, and other necessities to last all residents for at least 30 days without restocking or leaving the home, in case a large scale quarantine is suddenly required, certain areas are suddenly deemed off limits or otherwise inaccessible, some or all shopping locations are simply out of stock for those who didn’t act on time as advised, or there is otherwise no set schedule as to when supply lines will reopen with an adequate flow to meet the backlog in pent-up demand and move forwards from there.



*If stringently used, the above should waylay or seriously delay the need to quarantine large areas, but large quarantines and mandatory self-quarantines should both be heeded, if needed, with strict penalties for violating orders (courts suspended, but statutes of limitations also suspended on infractions and all other matters; and 3-6 months of medical detention allowed for violating disclosed quarantine, as well as 3-6 months of public or judicial order violator detention allowed – even sequentially.

*If not already done, have landlords take and provide inventory of residents, with government instruction to tenants to comply and give regular updates.

*Start house to house resident registration, medical and medication needs assessments, and regular temperature taking of all inhabitants, by mobile health teams.

*If not already done, prepare to stockpile, secure, and distribute food, water, medication, and cooking and sanitary materials in packages to households.

*Consider mobile health teams taking appropriate temperatures and assessments at places of public transit embarkation (perhaps restricting said locations in number and modifying routes), and outside high occupancy buildings and offices.

*Consider special mobile patient transportation and contact tracing teams pre-positioned at various locations for appropriate purposes and tasking, with supporting entry and extraction security details.



*If and as deemed to be, necessary, or advisable, or appurtenant to any or all of the foregoing.



This needs a whole of government and a whole of population approach, with a further specific analytical loop for addressing the situation, that jointly and individually pay homage to the sacrifices of patriots.


The total mobilization is a “WENLIANG[2] Mobilization, where:

W is workers,

E is the employers,

N is Novices being assistants, students, interns, and apprentices,

L is Landowners and Landlords,

I is Industrialists,

A is Agriculturalists or farmers,

N is Netizens, being GIG Economy players and Nationalists and Patriots not otherwise covered, and

G is Governments at all levels.


Similarly, the loop approach is the “ADADEVOH[3] Analytical Loop, where the first

A stands for Analyze apparent cases, news articles, and accumulated knowledge;

D is for Deduce the identity, incidence rate and incubation period of the malady; the second

A is for Advise the LENS (the law enforcement and national security apparatus), key principals, constituency leaders, and the general public; and the second

D is for Devise management measures, mobilization needs and levels, and mass messaging. That “A-D-A-D” cycle should be repeated, continually in a loop.


Under each of those 4 loop elements, are nestled, as applicable:

E for Execute on all relevant fronts;

V for the 5 primary Variables to consider, being the 5 modern factors of production in Land, Capital, Technology, Consumables, and Labor;

O for the 9 key Objectives to consider; and

H for the 9 potential Hindrances to consider.


At this point I will refrain from boring you with additional details and minutiae, but Strategic IMPRIME Consulting & Advisory Inc (S’imprime-ca) and its many on-call professionals, remain available for remote engagement at various levels involving Covid-2019, and George Law Offices can also, likewise, advise & counsel remotely on same.



Ekundayo George is a lawyer and sociologist.  He has also taken courses in organizational and micro-organizational behavior, and gained significant experience in programs, policy, regulatory compliance, litigation, and business law and counseling.  He has been licensed to practise law in Ontario and Alberta, Canada, as well as in New York, New Jersey, and Washington, D.C., in the United States of America.  See, for example:  A writer, blogger, and avid reader, Mr. George has sector experience in Technology (Telecommunications, eCommerce, Outsourcing, Cloud), Financial Services, Energy, Healthcare, Entertainment, Real Estate and Zoning, International/cross-border trade, other services, and Environmental Law and Policy; working with equal ease and effectiveness in his transitions to and from the public and private sectors.  He is a published author on the national security aspects of Environmental Law, has represented clients in courts and before regulatory bodies in both Canada and the United States, and he enjoys complex systems analysis in legal, technological, and societal millieux.


Trained in Legal Project Management (and having organized and managed several complex projects before practicing law), Mr. George is also an experienced negotiator, facilitator, team leader, and strategic consultant – sourcing, managing, and delivering on complex engagements with multiple stakeholders and multidisciplinary teams.  Team consulting competencies include program investigation, sub-contracted procurement of personnel and materials, and such diverse project deliverables as business process re-engineering, devising and delivering tailored training, crisis consulting, and targeted engagements through tapping a highly-credentialed resource pool of contract professionals with several hundred years of combined expertise, in: healthcare; education and training; law and regulation; policy and plans; statistics, economics, and evaluations including feasibility studies and business cases; infrastructure; and information technology/information systems (IT/IS) – also sometimes termed information communications technologies (ICT).  See, for example:


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[1] Eric Sylvers, Giovanni Legorano.  Italy Plans Large-Scale Lockdown in Country’s North to Fight Coronavirus.  Posted on  March 7, 2020.  Online: ><  By Tuesday, 3 days later, that quarantine zone effective to April 3, 2020, had been extended to cover the entire Italian nation.  See generally Vanessa Romo & Sylvia Poggioli.  Italy Expands Quarantine Measures Nationwide To Stem Spread Of Coronavirus.  Posted March 9, 2020 on  Online: ><

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